3D Printing for Libraries
Intagly helps libraries instantly provide 3D printing services to their entire community without the need for expensive equipment and training.
How it Works
We connect libraries to residence with 3D printers who print patron orders and delivery them to libraries for pickup.
Benefits Include
Promoting STEM Learning and entrepreneurism
Communication, Collaboration, Creative Thinking, and Critical Thinking teach students to solve problems with interesting ideas. With access to 3D Printing, students learn to tackle challenges by creating and manufacturing innovative solutions.
Scaling 3D Printing Services
Intagly makes it possible for libraries to instantly provide 3D printing services to their entire community without needing new equipment or training.
Building Local Economies
Intagly partners with residents who own 3D printers, which means the money stays within the community. Residents print and deliver orders to the libraries.
Bringing People to the Library
Intagly orders are delivered to libraries, which provides opportunities to introduce those picking up their orders to more library services and offerings.
Our Current Partnerships
Intagly has been working with libraries since the formation of the company. Intagly has delivered over 1000 3D prints to patrons of libraries.
Intagly Library Pricing Model
Predictable Payments
Billed Monthly based on patron usage. Only pay for what your patrons use. No hidden fees or minimum charges.  
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Common Questions

What is the benefit on Intagly over buying 3D printers in house?

3D Printers are an expensive up front investment. In addition to the inital purchase price 3D printers require daily maintenance if they are being used regularly. The maintance can take hours and require a lot of technical know how. Intagly makes 3D printing simple by giving the job to local 3D printing enthusiasts.

Are the 3D printing operators trained?

Our 3D printing operators have to go through a test period where they submit prints before ever handling a patron order. Once approved the operators have to submit 2 photos for every order to verify the quality of their work. Intagly regularly reviews these photos and removes operators who are not meeting our standards.

How big of a 3D Print can a patron order?

Each library is given their own website portal with an admin dashboard. Library admins are able to determine the max cost 1 patron can spend per month. Libraries also can control patron accounts and download CSV exports of all orders done through their portal.

What if a patron orders replica weapons?

Operators are trained and asked to confirm on every order that the 3D print is not something illegal or a weapon. All the operators have agreed to a contract in which they are not allowed to print guns, knives and other weapons or illegal items.

What options do patrons have to customize their 3D prints?

Patrons can choose whether or not they want to manually remove supports (additional material added to help certain 3D prints build), add ironing (ability to smooth the top surface), add custom text to select objects and select the line height (the distance between print layers).

Can patrons become 3D printing operators?

Intagly loves when patrons becomes operators! In most library districts patrons account for a majority of 3D printing operators in the area. Intagly allows for community members to help each other out.