Where to Find 3D Files
Not a 3D modeler? We'll give you some tips on finding STL files for your custom projects.

Leveraging Intagly for 3D Printing: A Guide for Non-Modelers

With this guide, even those without 3D modeling skills can easily locate, download, and upload 3D files to Intagly for printing.

Before Finding Files Online

  • Make sure the file you are downloading is a .STL somethings these platforms have files such as .Gcode or .3MF which are not compatible with Intagly’s slicing technology
  • Ensure that the file you are downloading in copyright free and does not have copyrighted material you do not own


Go to https://www.thingiverse.com/

Thingiverse is a platform that has thousands of free.Stl 3D files. You can search for the object or category of object you are looking for and browse the options. Once you find your option you simply download the .STL and head over to https://intagly.app/Request_Print/Upload for an instant quote to print and ship the object.


Go to https://www.printables.com/

Printables does offer a more in-depth search than Thingiverse so it could be better suited depending on your needs.

In case Thingiverse doesn't hold the item you're seeking, Printables could be your next stop. The platform hosts a different catalog, thereby increasing your chances of locating your desired item. The process is almost identical to Thingiverse. 

Reach out to us at https://intagly.app/Contact if you require any assistance.

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