Order Process
If you are an operator or want to be an operator this shows you how to complete an order start to finish.

Understanding the Intagly Operator Process 

For Direct Orders

A Comprehensive Guide For Intagly Operators

Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/GmpDPRk_RYI 

Embarking on your journey with Intagly? To ensure a smooth experience and to fulfill orders with ease, it's essential to grasp the entire Intagly Operator Order Completion Process thoroughly. This guide breaks down each step of the direct order process, helping you transition from receiving an order to its completion seamlessly.

1. Accepting Orders

Every acceptance of an order starts at the homepage. To receive an order, you must first set your status to online in the Operator mobile app. When an order is placed by a customer and assigned to you, it will be in your queue and you will only have 15 minutes to accept the order. This ensures customer orders are assigned to operators promptly so it is not stuck waiting for an operator. Intagly has a queue system when handling orders. We take into account a number of factors to determine when an order is assigned to you. 

2. Access and Download the Print Files

When you accept the order, you will be emailed all the order details such as the STL file(s), any add-ons, and special instructions from the customer. Be sure to download the .STL file(s) to your computer. Alternatively, you can also go to intagly.app and log in to your operator account to get access to the operator dashboard. You can download the file(s) directly from this dashboard.

3. Slice the File

Once you have the file downloaded, you are responsible for slicing the file into .gcode or whichever file format your printer reads. Intagly gives you the .STL file(s) which are universal for any slicer. If you run into any unique situations, contact us at support@intagly.com.

4. Print the file

Now take your sliced file(s) and print them with your 3D printer. Ensure you print the item(s) matching the customer's request in the order such as in the correct color, infill percentage, and if they asked for supports to be added. Please ensure the printed item(s) are free of defects.

5. Post Processing

By default, you will not need to do any post-processing to your prints. However, certain orders will have special instructions or additional requests. You are paid more for these orders. So if there are any additional requests be sure to do them at this stage.

6. Submit the Order

In the mobile app, go to the Orders page and press Start. Take clear, high-quality photos of the printed item(s) directly in the app. Ensure the photos showcase the item's details and quality. These photos serve multiple purposes, from quality assurance to order verification.

Feel free to leave any internal notes or customer notes you have. Scroll down and press the Continue button. As it is said on the page: please confirm that the items have no visible flaws and no white residue. Once those are confirmed, press “I Agree.” 

7. Print the Shipping Label:

Upon submission of the order, you will have access to print the UPS shipping label. This UPS label will have all the necessary information including the recipient's address and tracking number. 

You can also print the shipping label in the Intagly Operator mobile app. Go to the past orders, find the order tile, and click “PDF Label.”

8. Get the Packaging Material: 

Get your packaging material for the next step. 

When you were verified as an operator, you were given an initial supply of packing material. You can request more supplies under “Settings” and "Shipping Supplies" at any time if you are close to running out. Note this process: takes 3-5 days so try to request materials before you are going to run out. 

9. Package the Item(s):

First, get the shipping label you printed earlier and cut the extra paper off. Then take the envelope packaging and open it to place the 3D-printed item(s) inside. Please ensure the item(s) fits snugly and seal the bag with the included tape at the top. If the item does not fit for any reason, reach out to support@intagly.com and we will promptly work for a solution. We are still in the process of growing our logistics so we will handle these cases individually for now. 

10. Attach the Shipping Label (Optional):

Attach the label with tape on the outside of the package if you prefer. The UPS Store will provide tape for you when you drop off the package. 

11. Drop Off the Package:

Visit any UPS Store for drop-off. To locate your nearest UPS Store, visit UPS Store Locator.

Present your package and the label. If you didn’t attach your label already, then The UPS Store staff will affix the label for you. UPS will handle the shipping from this point forward. 

12. Mark Orders As Order Delivered

In the mobile app, access the navigation menu by pressing the menu button at the top right corner and go to “Pending Deliveries.” On this screen, find the order you just dropped off and be sure to mark it as delivered. The earnings from this order can now be viewed on the earnings page.

You can also mark the order as delivered on the Operator Portal webpage. From the left navigation bar, click on “Pending Deliveries” and find the order you just dropped off to mark it as delivered.

13. Operator Order Process Complete

Congratulations!  You have successfully completed the Operator Process for your first direct order. This process is the same for direct order you complete. As you complete more orders, this process will become easier and easier. 

Thank you for being an Intagly operator. We appreciate you a lot. 

If you need anything at any time, please reach out to us by email at support@intagly.com.

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