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Optimizing your profile leads to you getting more orders on Intagly.

Maximizing Order Potential for Intagly Operators: A Comprehensive Guide

Becoming a successful operator on Intagly requires more than just possessing 3D printing skills. It's about streamlining your operations, ensuring timely communications, and utilizing the platform's features to their full potential. Here's a detailed guide on how to optimize your presence on Intagly to receive and fulfill more orders.

Set your Status to Online

Your online status is crucial. When you're online, it signals to the platform that you're available to accept orders. Conveniently, the toggle to switch your online status is available on every screen once your account is set up. By staying online as much as possible, you increase your visibility and the likelihood of receiving orders. If you are offline you will not receive any orders.

Activate Notifications & Stay Alert

Missed opportunities often come from not being notified in time. On Intagly:

  • Ensure your notifications are turned on. You only have 15 minutes to accept an order once it comes in.
  • Set up notifications either directly within the Intagly app or through your Android/iOS settings.

Update Colors and Materials Regularly

The variety of colors and materials you offer directly impacts the orders you qualify for:

  • Regularly update your available colors and materials in the system.
  • The more diverse your offerings, the wider the range of orders you can accept, leading to more income opportunities.
  • If you run out of a color make sure the Intagly app reflects that. If you say you have “Green” we will send you green orders. If you do not have the color green we will not waste your time with “Green” orders.

Register All Your Printers

The number of printers you have can play a role in your order frequency:

  • Ensure all your printers are registered on Intagly.
  • We are currently enhancing our platform to allocate more jobs to operators with multiple printers, as they can handle more simultaneous orders. While this feature is still in the works we recommend you prepare for this feature accordingly. 

Opt-In for Organization Orders for Added Opportunities

Organization orders, such as those for schools or libraries, present additional opportunities:

  • If you're located nearby, consider opting into these orders. Although you'll be responsible for delivering these items, opting in can significantly boost the number of orders you receive.

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