How to Ship Organization Items
How Intagly Operators can ship their 3D prints for organizations

How to Package & Ship Orders for Organizations

A Comprehensive Guide For Intagly Operators

Video Tutorial: 

This guide is intended for our operators to understand the exact steps needed to package and ship orders efficiently and securely. This will cover the process for organization orders (libraries and schools).

1. Print the Item(s)

Before you can ship, you first need to print the items in the order. Ensure the printed item is free of defects and matches the customer's request. For example, if the customer asked to remove supports then do that at this stage.

2. Print the Custom Intagly Order Label:

Upon acceptance of the order, you will receive a custom-made Intagly label in the email with your .STL file(s). You can print this custom Intagly order label at any time. Click on “PDF Label” and it will automatically download to your computer. It is located at the near the bottom of the email under “PDF Label”. 

You can also print the label on the Intagly Operator mobile app. Go to the past orders, find the order tile, and click “PDF Label”. Note this label will not have a tracking ID or barcode.

3. Get the Packaging Material: 

Get your packaging material for the next step. 

When you were verified as an operator, you were given an initial supply of packing material. You can request more supplies under “Settings” and "Shipping Supplies" at any time if you are close to running out. 

*Note this process: takes 3-5 days so try to request materials before you are going to run out. 

4. Package the Item(s):

Take the bubble packaging and open it to place the 3D-printed item(s) inside. Please ensure the item fits snugly. If the item does not fit for any reason, reach out to and we will promptly work for a solution. We are still in the process of growing our logistics so we will handle these cases individually for now. 

5. Add the Custom Intagly Order Label Inside:

Fold the label in half and place it inside the bubble packaging along with your 3D-printed items. Lastly, seal the bag with the included tape at the top.

6. Drop Off the Package:

The drop off location is listed on the label as the “Delivery Address.” Be sure to not accidentally drop off at the “Destination” listed on the label as this is not correct.

When you arrive at the organization, inform the desk staff that you're dropping off a package for Intagly.

7. Order Successfully Packaged and Shipped!

Congratulations!  You have successfully packaged and shipped your first organization order. This process is the same for every organization order you complete, just note the drop off location may be different for each order. As you complete more orders, this process will become easier and easier. 

Thank you for being an Intagly operator. We appreciate you a lot. 

If you need anything at anytime, please reach out to us by email at

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