How To Scale 3D Models With No Experience

How to Scale STLs Without Downloading Any Software: A Step-by-Step Guide

You may have found the perfect file on Thingiverse or Printables. Just one problem it is way too big or way too small. This tutorial will cover how with no prior knowledge you can scale up or down your 3D model. 

Step 1: Finding and Downloading Your STL File

Firstly, you need to have an STL file to work with. This could be a file you've created, or it could be a file downloaded from an online platform like Thingiverse. For this guide, we'll use the example of a custom Intagly Keychain.

Step 2: Accessing Tinkercad

Once you've downloaded your STL file, navigate to, a free online tool that allows users to create or modify 3D designs. To begin, click on "Create," and then select "3D design."

Step 3: Importing Your STL File into Tinkercad

Next, you'll want to import your STL file into Tinkercad. To do this, click on "Import," then choose the STL file from your device and ensure the measurement units are set to "millimeters." Once you've imported the file, it will appear within the editor. 

If your file is too big skip to step 6 where we give an alternative that is a bit more tricky to use but does the same thing. 

Step 4: Adjusting the Size

Simply click on the item and drag one of the corners to expand the size. To expand it evenly hold the shift while dragging the corner. To adjust the thickness there will be a point you can drag directly in the center of the item. Drag that point up or down to adjust the thickness.

Step 5: Exporting Your Modified STL File

Once your logo is perfectly aligned, it's time to export your newly modified STL file. Simply click "Export," and make sure to select ".STL" as the format. Tinkercad will then prepare the model for export, and once it's done, you can download the file.

Step 6: Using View STL if Your File is Too Big For Tinkercad

Go to and upload your STL by clicking on the folder icon and picking your STL.

Once your item is uploaded click the box within a box icon and then click your item.

On the left-hand side, a menu will appear where you can convert it to mm and then change the size by adjusting the X Y and Z values with the text fields.

To export click the Save icon in the left menu box. 

Step 7: Uploading Your Custom Print to

Finally, navigate back to and select "Custom Print." Drag and drop your newly modified STL file into the designated area, name your project (e.g., "scaled keychain"), and then click "Add to Cart."

Intagly will automatically slice the model, calculate the printing time, and provide an instant quote. You can then proceed to checkout and wait for your custom print to be shipped to your door.

Remember, at any point in the process, if you have questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Happy customizing!

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