Add Custom Text
Have you ever wanted to add custom text to an STL but you were not sure how? This tutorial covers how to add text to any STL.

How to Add Custom Text STL

Customizing 3D prints is one of the reasons 3D printing is so unique. You an add anything you want to 3D printing including your name, business, or your friend's name for a gift. 

Step 1: Finding and Downloading Your STL File

Firstly, you need to have an STL file to work with. This could be a file you've created, or it could be a file downloaded from an online platform like Thingiverse. For this guide, we'll use the example of a penguin utility case downloaded from Thingiverse. After finding the desired item, simply click "Download" to download the STL file.

Step 2: Accessing Tinkercad

Once you've downloaded your STL file, navigate to Tinkercad, a free online tool that allows users to create or modify 3D designs. To begin, click on "Create," and then select "3D design."

Step 3: Importing Your STL File into Tinkercad

Next, you'll want to import your STL file into Tinkercad. To do this, click on "Import," then choose the STL file from your device and ensure the measurement units are set to "millimeters." Once you've imported the file, it will appear within the editor. I

Step 4: Add Text

Now, it's time to add the text. On the right-hand side click basic shapes and go down til you find the “Text” object. Drag it onto the item. Double-click on the text in your canvas then you will see a window to edit the text appear. Change “Text” to your actual text. 

Step 5: Sizing the Text

Once you type your text you need to adjust the size to ensure it fits on the print. You can hold shift while dragging one of the corners to shrink the size of the text. It is important to ensure the text is not too small as 3D printers will not be able to print super small text. 

Step 6: Exporting Your Modified STL File

Once your logo is perfectly aligned, it's time to export your newly modified STL file. Simply click "Export," and make sure to select ".STL" as the format. Tinkercad will then prepare the model for export, and once it's done, you can download the file.

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