3D Printing File Types
For those new to 3D printing, watch this tutorial to learn more about different 3D file types.

Understanding File Types for 3D Printing: A Guide for intagly.com

This article is for people who are interested in using Intagly's Custom Print feature. This article is tailored toward people who know nothing to very little about 3D printing and file types. 

Acceptable File Format for intagly.com

Intagly exclusively accepts .STL file types. STL files are universally recognized across various 3D printers, regardless of the printer type, making them the most commonly used file in 3D printing. The primary reason behind this is their ability to be converted into any format that your specific printer can interpret.

If you do not have a .STL file keep reading on. If you have a .STL, you can upload your file at https://intagly.app/Request_Print/Upload

What if I have an OBJ File?

You may have a .OBJ file standing for 'object', OBJ files are particularly prevalent in game development and 3D rendering. These files represent a commonly utilized 3D file type across various industries.

If you have an .OBJ file don't fret. There are multiple online converters available, which allow you to easily transform your .OBJ file to an .STL file. These converters work by allowing you to simply drag and drop your file, and in return, they provide an accurate .STL file that any printer can read.

An example of one of these free online converters are https://products.aspose.app/3d/conversion/stl-to-obj

Once you converted your .OBJ to .STL upload your file to


What if I have a Gcode File?

If you have a .Gcode file you can reach out to Intagly with your file at https://intagly.app/Contact. We will work with you to convert your file to an .STL. Note since .Gcode files are printer specific depending on what type of .Gcode file you have Intagly may be not be able to provide clean conversion. 

What if I have another File format?

If you have any other file format not mentioned in this article reach out to us at https://intagly.app/Contact. We would be happy to assist in converting your file free of charge.

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