Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Definitions

Operator - 3D printer owners that print customer orders.
Custom Print - Orders outside of the catalog made by uploading 3D printing files. Supported filetypes - stl (stereolithography)

How Does Intagly Work?

Intagly is a Peer to Peer (P2P) fabrication platform that connects people who need 3D prints with people with 3D printers (operators). Customers can select prints from our catalog or upload .stl files for custom prints.

I want something printed, where do I start?

On the Intagly website, select prints from our catalog or upload .stl files for custom prints. Once done, Intagly will locate and select operators in your area and provide you with the cost and estimated delivery date.Intagly handles payments, so all you need to do is agree with the transaction and wait for your delivery. Once you receive your order, you can rate your experience with the operator and provide feedback.

How can I order a custom print?

To order custom prints, select the Custom Print menu item and upload .stl file(s) needed to print the product. Once uploaded, select the filament type and color for each item and add any special instructions (optional).

How is pricing calculated?

For most items, pricing is calculated at a rate of $1 (US) per printing hour (operator) plus $3.50 service fee (Intagly) plus shipping costs (courier). Pricing may vary based on custom or large orders.

Where do I go if I have issues?

To report issues with prints, charges, or orders, reach out to us at -

How long until I get my print?

We provide an estimated delivery date at time of check out. Our goal is for a product to be delivered within 72 hours of the order. Of course, delivery times depending on the size, customization, and specialty requirements of orders.

Is 3D printing filament eco-friendly?

Yes! PLA filament is made from cornstarch and is biodegradable. As a renewable resource, PLA can be recycled by being broken into small pieces and placed into your compost bin.

Do you print bulk orders?

Yes! For orders over 20 items, reach out to us at -

How do I become an Operator?

We love Operators! To begin the process, contact us at -
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