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If you need something 3D printed we will print it and ship it to you. We service all of Cincinnati, OH and more!
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If you make 3D models you can make a commission every time they are 3D printed
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If you have a 3D printer you can make money with it. You can print and ship items in Cincinnati, OH or to the country with our UPS shipping labels.
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How long does it take to ship to Cincinnati, OH?

It takes 5-7 days to 3D print and ship your item to you in Cincinnati, OH

What materials does Intagly Offer?

Intagly offers PLA, RESIN, TPU, and ABS.

What is PLA?

PLA is a user-friendly material perfect for everyday 3D printed items. It's made from renewable resources, making it an eco-friendly choice. If you're looking for decorative pieces, prototypes, or simple household items, PLA is a great pick. It's available in a variety of colors, giving you plenty of creative options. Intagly offers PLA in red, green, blue, pink, grey, black, white orange, purple and more.

What is ABS?

If you need something strong and durable, ABS is your best bet. It's used for items that need to withstand stress, like functional parts, tools, or toys. ABS products are known for their strength and ability to hold up under tough conditions. Intagly offers ABS in red, green, blue, pink, grey, black, white orange, purple and more.

What is RESIN?

Resin is the go-to material for items that need fine details and a smooth finish. It's perfect for intricate designs like jewelry, miniatures, or detailed models. Resin-based products stand out for their sharp details and a glossy look. Intagly offers RESIN in red, green, blue, pink, grey, black, white orange, purple and more.

What is TPU?

TPU is all about flexibility and durability. It's ideal for items that need to bend or stretch, like phone cases, flexible hinges, or wearable items. TPU products are also tough and can handle everyday wear and tear well. Intagly offers TPU in red, green, blue, pink, grey, black, white orange, purple and more.

What is an STL?

An STL file is like a blueprint for 3D printing. Just like a recipe tells a chef how to make a dish, an STL file tells a 3D printer how to create your object. It's a standard file type used in 3D printing. Intagly with give you an instant quote based on your STL.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Once you upload your STL you will know within seconds how much it costs to 3D print your item. All our pricing is a flate rate pricing and is shown up front. Intagly has no hidden fees.
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What is I do not have a 3D model?

Intagly will create a 3D model for you with our experienced designers. Just fill out the form below and we will be in contact within 24 hours.
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User Reviews

I didn’t know anything about 3D printing. Until my friend gave me his 3D printer and now I’m making an extra $200 a month!
Eliza Gregory
Intagly Operator
I'm enjoying making money using my 3D printer which has been sitting in the corner for years.
A man looking forward
Intagly Operator
Thanks to your deal with the Henderson library, my granddaughter's dolls have a few pairs of new shoes.
Woman sitting at a desk with a computer
Intagly's 3D Printing has helped me scale up my manufacturing without the need to buy more expensive equipment.
Man in a workshop
Intagly Allows me to bring 3D printing to my classroom without needing a 3D printer.
Man teaching a class